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Case Study: Northern Ice Blasting

Industrial Cleaning Service Seizes Support Opportunity


Northern Ice Blasting, an eco-friendly industrial cleaning service, was established in 2022 to bring a sustainable and cost-effective option to businesses in the Northumberland and Tyneside area. Through their sterling reputation and ​use​ of innovative technology they have found success in this new venture.

Business Owners Marie & James Kyle setup their well-established car servicing garage 18 years​ ago​, but during the pandemic, they saw an opportunity for the business to evolve. Having previously received funding to acquire the machinery necessary, they expanded into industrial cleaning with the new business ‘Northern Ice Blasting’.

Ice blasting is an innovative cleaning process which specialises in cleaning ​items​ that traditional cleaning methods cannot​,​ whilst being sustainable. Using this method, Northern Ice Blasting promote refurbishing and reusing of equipment rather than replacing, as it is a more cost-effective solution for clients and an environmentally friendly one for the planet.

With their goal to raise awareness about both the business and type of service it provides, Marie discovered the Accelerate Ashington programme through a local networking event. Operating within Advance Northumberland as part of the High Street Innovation Programme, Accelerate Ashington ​aims ​to support small ​and​ medium ​sized ​enterprises with growing their business and enabling them to access the digital tools available to them. The programme is funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund with the North of Tyne Combined Authority as the lead.

After a ​one-to-one​ meeting ​between Northern Ice Blasting and Accelerate Ashington​​ ​, it ​became​ clear that the programme ​would be a ​great fit for them, and that Northern Ice Blasting would benefit from one of their digital marketing campaigns. The programme’s offer is ​one​ of a bespoke campaign centred on increasing the online reach of the business. With Jamie, Marie & James’ son, taking the lead they were referred to Allies Group a digital marketing company and the programme’s supplier for this strand of support.

Each campaign provided through Allies Group is unique and involves working directly with each business to tailor it to their needs. It can involve anything from content development, social media campaigns and up to £750 direct spend on marketing. Allies Group can also advise on which method of digital marketing would produce the best results for the business, their products and services, client base and ​suggest​​ ​additional support for existing channels that the business currently use​s​.

Working closely with Jamie, Allies Group strategised the best way to promote the business. With an abundance of high-quality videos and testimonials that Northern Ice Blasting have received; the decision was made to create a custom content piece to be launched on the company website. This was followed up with a joint Google and Facebook ad campaign that ran in the following weeks to draw manufacturing business towards the site and show the quality of the service​ provided​.

When asked about her experience on the programme Marie Kyle said, “The support is great, and the team are very knowledgeable. It helped us understand more about online presence and what works best for our business.”

With their profile raised and the ad campaigns reaching a new audience, Northern ​I​ce Blasting have plans to use this momentum to continue to grow in the future. With a killer service and new understanding of the tools available to them they will have no issue cleaning out the competition.